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Recent Projects

Fall Prevention Month Website Design

Fall Prevention Month Campaign Site

Launch: August 2016

After a successful launch of the Falls Loop portal, we were contracted to create campaign site for Fal Prevention Community of Practice's Fall Prevention Month campaing complete with resources, events, and networking opportunities.

Project Scope: Management of website design, development, and CMS integration
Agency: Mouth Media

Texture Summer Campaign Website Design

Summer by Texture Contest Site

Launch: June 2016

To engage existing Texture readers, we created a site that alowed users to upload photos showing how they were enjoying reading with Texture for a chance to win prizes.

Project Scope: Management of website design, development, and CMS integration
Agency: Mouth Media

Cystic Fibrosis Canada Website Design

CF Canada - Valentine's Day Campaign

Launch: February 2016
This site is only available in February

Always a pleasure to work with CF Canada and our friends at Mouth Media - this time creating a digital campaign to build CF awareness around valentine's day.

Project Scope: Management of website design, development, and CMS integration
Agency: Mouth Media

Matilda the Musical Website Design

Matilda the Musical

Launch: February 2016

Working with Mouth Media in Toronto and the Mirvish team, we created a Toronto specific website for this multi-award winning musical. While staying on-brand, we were able to create an engagine, responsive and Level A accessbile website.

Project Scope: Management of website design, development, CMS integration, and Level A accessibility compliance
Agency: Mouth Media

Andrew Clark Humorist Website Design

Andrew Clark, Humorist

Launch: Winter 2016

When Andrew approached us he was in DIRE need of a new website and didn't really know where to start. We pointed him in the right direction with a clean, easy to navigate home for his writing and speaking engagements.

Project Scope: Website Design | Development | Wordpress Custom Theme

Marchburn Design does a fantastic job. My old website was archaic. They designed a new one and rolled it out. Smart, reliable and very easy to work with. Top notch! Andrew Clark

Fall Loop Website Design

Falls Loop

Launch: Fall 2015

The Fall Prevention Community of Practice works to increase the quality of life for adults by maintaining independence thought the prevention of falls. Loop is a bilingual online hub created for this group of 2500+ members - complete with discussion forums, event calendars, wiki-style documents, private groups, and member search for collaboration purposes.

Project Scope: Project Management of wireframing, design, CMS, tracking, and training
Agency: Mouth Media

From concept to launch, Greg patiently and efficiently guided our project team through the process. He clearly layed out options, explained the pros and cons and allow the us to make the decision that was right for us. L. TOTH, Ontario Neurological Foundation

Londsale Manor Brand

Lonsdale Manor Branding

Launch: Spring 2015

Robert is building a brand surrounding an 18th century manor he recently purchased and is renovating. With a variety of offerings in the works, he needed some brand elements that highlighted his offerings and strengthen his personal brand.

Project Scope: Brand development | Logo Design | Icon Design | Website design in progress

AEF Fundraising Gala

AEF's Gala Fundraiser

Launch: Winter 2015

This website has three states. State One: General information during the off season with links to the organization’s main site. State Two: Lead-up to the event while the organizers work at selling tickets and bringing sponsors on-board. State Three: A live feed during the event of Instagram photos, tweets, and other event photos.

Project Scope: Website design | Front-end development | Live social feeds | Mobile responsive

daisys birdfeeder

Daisy's Birdfeeder

Launch: Winter 2014

We worked with Daisy to design and develop a website that allows her to provide resources (links, activities, downloads...) as well as a live cam feed focused on her bird feeders. Future plans include developing a bird counter to allow people to record real-time sightings as well as some other interactive tools aligned with the the local school board's curriculum. The goal of the project is to allow Daisy to share her love of winter bird watching with those that aren't lucky enough to have their own feeder - kids, families, teachers, etc.

Project Scope: Logo design | Brand development | Website design | Front-end development | Live video feed | Mobile responsive

I didn't think at 93 years 'young' I would start managing a website but I needed a winter project and I'm a firm believer you can never stop learning! Greg was able to create even more than I had hoped for and now I get to share one of my passions with others. DAISY, Bird Lover

Launch Website for Travel App

Launch: Winter 2014

The Backpack Buddy Payback App is currently in its final development phase. This website allows for data capture (email addresses) now while in the the "buzz building" phase of their rollout so that they can notify potential customers and media when it hits the app stores. When the app has launched, a setting will allow them to link out to the stores where it will be available for download.

Project Scope: Logo design | Brand development | Website design | Front-end development | Live video feed | Mobile responsive

Next Phase: App prototyping | App build | App sales management

Gardiner Museum Kiosk


Launch: Fall 2014

It was a pleasure working with the Gardiner Museum (Canada’s national ceramics museum, and one of the world’s great specialty museums) as they continue to inspire and connect people, arts, and ideas through clay.

Project Scope: Management of the design, development, CMS creation, and integration with Kiosk Pro.
Agency: Mouth Media

The 'Sounds Like Home' App

Launch: Fall 2014
From our Personal Pleasantry line of apps (PPAs)

Meet Dave. Dave loves his family. Dave loves his home in a quiet subdivision outside the city. Dave loves knowing that his family is safe when they retire to bed each evening. What Dave doesn’t love is spending time away from his home and, unfortunately with work travel, hotel beds in strange cities are an all-to-common occurrence. Strange beds, traffic noises, airports close by… leave Dave less than rested. And that isn’t good for anyone.

The Solution: We created a custom app that allows Dave to upload the sounds from his own bedroom (the mir of the air conditioner’s fan, melodic crickets chirping outside his window… -even the the soothing breathing noises of his wife laying next to him) for playback while he is travelling.

A simple solution that made a world of difference to me. Being away from home isn't easy but this makes it a little bit easier to deal with. DAVE, Sound Sleeper (now)

Everything in Mind Tutoring

Launch: Fall 2014

Project Scope: Logo design | Brand development | Website design | Front-end development | SEO-optimized landing pages | Mobile responsive | Accessible

Marchburn helped me take what I had always wanted to do with my brand and make it a reality. And it was a painless process. Having an online presence has allowed me to reach more prospective clients while also supporting my important referral process. JASON McNEELY, OWNER, Everything in Mind Tutoring

Bedding Andrew

Launch: Fall 2014

Accessibility has always been important to us at Marchburn. The majority of the world takes for granted how easily website content can be consumed but not everyone has the same ability to do so. With this site we focused on local accessibility guidelines (AODA) to ensure that the those with vision, auditory, or mobility concerns were able to access the website content. Things like audio transcription, 'skip to content' links, and the ability to fully navigate the website without a mouse are a few ways we accomplished this.

Project Scope: Website design | Front-end development | Mobile responsive | Accessible

Our original website for my film was built in a way that the subject (Andrew) wasn't able to navigate it as he doesn't use a computer mouse. As one of the themes of the film is accessibility, it was great to work with Marchburn to fully understand physical, auditory, and visual accessibility concerns on websites. The extra effort was worth it. BLAIR FUKUMURA, DIRECTOR, Bedding Andrew


Launch: Fall 2014
From our Personal Productivity line of apps (PPAs)

Developed for a NYC food blogger, this app is an inventory management system for freezer-stored cupcakes. When adding to the freezer, the app records the expected expiration date and the flavour with uploaded photos being optional. The app also has expiry notifications and an inventory overview. It may not be a necessary tool for anyone else, but this food blogger loves it.

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