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Getting started selling your product or service online or even switching to a new e-commerce platform can be a daunting process. We can help!

We'll guide you through the first steps of setting up and launching your Shopify website/store and either send you on your way to proceed on your own or, if invited, we'll come along for the ride providing services on an as-needed basis.

Our set-up package includes:

  • Initial account set-up and creation of a staging environment so you can perfect and test your e-commerce website before unveiling it to the world.
  • 30 minute kick-off phone or video meeting to discuss goals, design direction, etc.
  • Unlimited time in a ‘development’ environment. Note: Only 14 days is offered to regular new Shopify accounts. This additional time allows you to work on your site as much as you like before launch and not be rushed or start paying monthly fees too early.
  • Assistance connecting bank information, shipping modules, transactional emails, and the contact page form.
  • Up to 30 minutes of theme installation and customization support based on our initial call/meeting.
  • Up to 30 minutes of content adding (page content, products, blog posts…) and training.

How do you activate this offer?

OPTION ONE: Use discount code SBEFREESETUP on our website here.

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How long is this offer valid?

You must activate your offer by June 30, 2020.

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