April 06, 2020 2 min read

Length: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Easy breezy

Description: In this 30 minute webinar we'll walk you through how to add and operate Shopify Chat to your online store.

About Shopify Chat: This is a free service available on all Shopify plans that provides you with access to a live chat function so you can have real-time conversations with customers visiting your Shopify store.

Once activated, you'll be able to turn Shopify Chat on and off as you like. When turned on, it will will appear on all pages of your website, making it easy for customers and potential customers to get the help they need, so you can answer their questions and drive more sales.

Within the chat you can also share product recommendations, discounts, and draft orders with just a few taps, eliminating the need for follow-up emails and wait times.


  • Have a live or in-development Shopify store
  • Have access to the Shopify dashboard
  • Have an iOS device (iPhone or iPad with version 12.0 or higher running)



Once you've logged into your Shopify Dashboard...

  • Click on "Apps"
  • Click on "Visit App Store"
  • Search for "Shopify Chat" in the App Store and Install


In your Shopify dashboard under Sales Channels, click on Shopify Chat. You will now see how to ENABLE and DISABLE that chat from appearing on your website. Make sure you disable until you are ready to go. Also on this screen you can change the color of your chat bubble and the welcome message that appears when a site visitors clicks on the chat bubble.

Remember to click SAVE after making any changes here


On your iOS device (iphone or iPad) with an operating system of v12.0 or higher, search for Shopify Ping in the App store and install.


Log in to the Shopify Ping app with your Shopify login.

NOTE: You must have full admin access to be able to use the Shopify Ping app.