Shopify Support Hours - Monthly Retainer

Use YOUR time where it is needed most and outsource what you can for a higher ROI.

  • Retainers often include
  • email management
  • website updates
  • product uploads
  • social media posting
  • in-house training
  • strategy development
  • troubleshooting
  • optimization


  • We'll work with you to define a scope and budget for monthly retainers from 5 to 40+ hours.
  • Together we'll create a list of things we'll handle and how you would like updates (weekly report, milestone map, etc) as well as a roadmap of projects we feel will get you to your goal
  • Your hours decline in 15 minute increments as we work on your projects
  • Hours remaining at the end of the month roll over to the next month as long as your retainer plan is active
  • You can change the hours in your next month's retainer up to 3 days before your renewal each month so you can bump it up or reduce depending on your expected needs. We want you to have 100% CONTROL OVER YOUR BUDGET
  • If you go over your hours, the additional hours will be pro-rated, in 15 minute increments and billed at the end of each month with 15 days terms for payment.


Each month we'll pad your hours with 10% more just in case you are about to go over your allotment. Note: Bonus hours do not roll over to the next month.


You can cancel your retainer at any time up to 3 working days before your monthly renewal. You can also pause your account up to 2 times per 12 months by emailing Pauses can last up to 3 months each time during which time your monthly retainer will not renew and your hours will not be accessible. If an account becomes inactive, rollover hours and unused hours are forfeited.